Village Points Ayeyarwady Region PCode v9.3
MIMU Data License (MIMU)
+ The MIMU data license based on the UN stats data license

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Village locations (points) in Ayeyarwady Region, based on the latest MIMU Pcode version 9.3 . Place names from General Administration Department (GAD), are available in Myanmar Unicode. Transliteration in roman script by MIMU.

Publication Date
Vector Data
point , settlement , Ayeyarwady , place , COD , location , village , population
positional information and services. Examples: addresses, geodetic networks, control points, postal zones and services, place names
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Data Is Updated In Intervals That Are Uneven In Duration
MIMU geospatial datasets cannot be used on online platform unless with prior written agreement from MIMU. MIMU products are not for sale and can be used free of charge with attribution. For more information see http://themimu.info/mimu-terms-conditions.
Pcode v9.3

This product has been prepared for operational purposes only, to support humanitarian and development activities in Myanmar.

Data Quality
Geographic locations were checked with Google Earth and Sentinel-2 ESA satellite images. The information contained on this product is provided “as is”, for reference purposes only, based on current available information. The United Nations and the MIMU specifically do not make any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness. The information nor does it imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations. For detailed mapping and further analysis, please make field validation and share updates on any errors or omissions via [email protected]
Supplemental Information

Place names are in line with the general cartographic practice to reflect the names of such places as designated by the host governments. The United Nations ...

Spatial Representation Type
vector data is used to represent geographic data
Attribute Name Label Description Range Average Median Standard Deviation
SR_Pcode NA
St_Rgn NA
D_Pcode NA
District NA
TS_Pcode NA
Township NA
VT_Pcode NA
Vill_Pcode NA 158678.95 157221.50 10381.11
Village NA
Vill_MMR4 NA
AltVlg_Eng NA
AltVlg_Mya NA
Longitude NA 95.24 95.24 0.32
Latitude NA 16.97 16.92 0.62
Source NA
PCode_V NA

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